Client Storage Management Software

Offsite But Not Out Of Mind

Even with your records stored offsite at our secure facility, rest assured that you will have real-time visibility into the status and location of every box In our inventory tracking software. Our web platform offers services designed to support all aspects of records management, including:

  • Initial intake to final disposition of records
  • Secure online request for pick-up or retrieval
  • Retention scheduling
  • Legal hold management
  • Electronic chain of custody
  • Perpetual audit trail
  • Charge‐back functionality

From the moment it is in our possession, each container is given a unique barcode label that identifies the owner of the container and the container itself. Using portable barcode scanners, container information is communicated to the platform which tracks its exact location and status, whether it’s in your office, in our Records Centers, or anywhere in between!

Realtime Records Access

Client Storage Management Software

Total Records provides a secure, web-enabled feature on the web platform that allows you to manage your records and perform a variety of administrative functions. You can also view your digital records online with our hosted image repository. This storage management software system provides the complete spectrum of records and information management (RIM) services.

The web platform allows you to review the live status of record locations as well as a complete history of all the activities performed for any individual record. You can also order records for pick-up from your workplace or retrieval and delivery of a record through secure online access.

We can automate recurring services using a fully integrated toolset that provides for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and special options to allow for creative and flexible scheduling according to your needs.

To learn more about how our software system can support your records management needs, please call (201) 935-6000 or fill in the form found on this page. We look forward to showing you just how easy it all is.

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