Media Storage & Rotation

Need Help Developing a Data Backup Strategy?

Our offsite tape storage and rotation services can support your backup strategy by ensuring that your most recent backups are securely stored in our media vault for safekeeping and that your offsite media is cycled back to you in a precise and sequential manner. We work with you to create a backup rotation schedule tailored to your business requirements – whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or some other custom schedule, Total Records is here to help.

Our barcode tracking technology creates a verifiable audit trail for every item in your media inventory as soon as we pick it up from your location, and then any time it moves from one physical location to another. Additionally, our proprietary tape management system includes a secure web portal that makes it easy to request tapes, generate reports, and adjust your rotation schedule as needed.

Tape Rotation and Media Protection

Total Records is committed to the security of your data. We never use third-party couriers for the delivery of your media and all tape rotations are performed by our own extensively screened and experience data protection staff members, using GPS-tracked and thoroughly secured vehicles. Specialized media containers ensure that your backup tapes are protected from the elements during transfer and we adhere to a strict chain of custody procedures at all times.

A backup strategy protects your organization from unexpected data loss, but your backup strategy is only as effective as your media protection plan. Our backup rotation services protect your backup media from theft, fire, flood and natural disasters.

The Optimal Environment To Store Your Backup Data

At the Total Records, our media vault is designed for the long-term security and preservation of sensitive backup media and features:

  • 4-hour fire rating
  • Steel vault door
  • Location 25 feet above ground level to eliminate any possibility of flooding
  • FM-200 fire suppression system
    • Because traditional sprinkler systems can permanently damage computer media, our CCV is equipped with FM-200, a clean fire-suppression agent that does not leave damaging residue on media. FM-200 is deployed quickly and extinguishes fires swiftly and effectively.

Ossite backup tape storage and rotation services

Inside the vault, climate control and monitoring systems regulate the temperature and humidity levels, while entry access controls, motion detectors, and surveillance systems provide constant security for your inventory. Only a select few Total Records employees have access to our media vault and all access to the vault is monitored by extensive security systems.

Responsive for Quick Data Recovery

While there’s no surefire way to predict data loss, you can always rely on quick data recovery with Total Records backup rotation and storage services. You have 24/7/365 access to your offsite inventory. We offer expedited, emergency delivery services to meet your disaster recovery and business continuity needs. Your backup media can be delivered from our vault to any pre-designated hot site.

Professional Media Handling

It’s a big step entrusting your media to an external party. Total Records makes it easy with our data protection professionals – with years of experience, our staff takes security and privacy protection seriously. Strict chain of custody procedures are followed at all times and your media is rotated and transported in specialized containers and climate-controlled, GPS-tracked vehicles for continuous protection of your data.

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