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Importance of Secure Document Destruction

Security and confidentiality is the name of the game when it comes to shredding services. Strict laws and regulations are now in place to penalize companies that do not follow established rules when it comes to handling sensitive information from both internal (employee information, trade secrets, etc.) and external (customers’ finances, medical records, etc.) sources.

Records contain vital, confidential or privileged information.  Someone with less-than-honorable intentions can use this information to steal your or your client’s identity, publicize your business secrets, steal your clients, and raid your bank accounts, for starters.

The Shredding Solution

Our primary goal is to protect our clients’ information throughout the document life cycle and Total Records provides shredding services employing the strictest security standards so you can securely destroy your confidential documents.

In our experience, a two-pronged approach works best: purge old, archival files on a regular basis and have a standardized system you consistently follow for shredding your day-to-day paperwork.

The process is simple.  We place convenient, furniture-like collection containers strategically throughout your location so employees can easily discard daily paperwork and files.  Then, based on your unique requirements, we collect and shred your confidential materials as often as you specify, whether that be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at other custom intervals.  After your information is destroyed, you will be given a Certificate of Destruction for your records and compliance purposes.

Your Secure Source for Destruction

Shredded paper ensures it remains confidential

We service customers across various industries with different levels of regulatory requirements and understand the importance of compliance. Your discarded documents and files will follow an unbroken chain-of-custody from the time we pick up the material to the time it arrives at our facility.

Some of the core destruction services that we offer include:

  • One-time paperwork purges or shred projects
  • Scheduled and recurring shredding pickup
  • Locking collection containers for scheduled or one-time service

As with our other services, our shredding and destruction services are completely secure, 100% reliable, standards-compliant and tailored to meet your needs.

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