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Need A Stored File ASAP?

Have you experienced the immediate need for information stored in an important document that just can’t wait for its physical delivery? Total Records can scan any files that we have in storage and share these images with you through a secure portal, giving you instantaneous and more thorough visibility into your information to make your operations run even smoother.

The Perfect Hybrid Solution

Our Scan on Demand service combines the security of offsite record storage with the reliability and accessibility of document scanning. When a document is requested, we retrieve the hardcopy paper record from its’ location in the facility and scan it to an electronic file format of your choice. The electronic document is then uploaded to our secure file management site or emailed to the authorized requestor.

With Scan on Demand you achieve the convenience of having a file electronically delivered directly to your workstation or laptop. The electronic document can then serve as a permanent record that can easily be shared within your organization. Regardless of your geographic location, Scan on Demand allows for the easy retrieval and delivery of your files.

But you also enjoy the immediate benefits of working with digital files and media over physical paper documents:

  • Easier sharing of information across multiple users and locations
  • Faster document retrieval and far less cumbersome transport (if any)
  • The ability to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Savings on space and storage costs — we can still store your physical hard copies if you wish, or you can increase your savings by having us securely destroy your hard copies once the files have been converted

Scan on demand services for files in physical storage

By allowing you to utilize the benefits of document imaging technology for storage and retrieval applications on an “as-needed basis” and at a very low cost, greater work efficiency can be achieved by your organization with significant cost savings. Why scan the entire set of paper-based records when you will only access a small percentage of the documents?

If this sounds like a service you or your organization would be interested in, please fill out our contact us form and one of our records management experts will be in touch!

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