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Looking To Go Paperless?

While paper records still hold an important place in a business’s day-to-day operations, certain records can hold more value by being converted to digital format. There’s only so much office space in which to store your records and searching through file cabinets and boxes for information wastes time while having to photocopy documents in order to share them is inefficient and insecure.

Start Scanning with Total Records

We can convert your paper documents or blueprints into digital records in the form of digital images. Our document imaging solutions reduce the burden of paper dependency and provide you with a faster and more effective insight into your business information. From start to finish, we handle the entire imaging process for you, eliminating the need to purchase expensive equipment and hire and manage staff to scan your records. Our document imaging process includes:

  • File organization and prep
  • Record indexing, data entry, and coding
  • Document scanning in OCR format
  • Image database management

Imaging Solutions for all Your Document Management Needs

Digital transformaton required - scanning services

Proper document management frees your business from some of the headaches associated with managing an inventory of paper documents or blueprints and helps support your workflow requirements and enhance your document management capabilities. Whether you have an inventory of legacy files cluttering your office or a collection of active documents that need to be incorporated into your workflow processes, we ensure your information is accurately digitized and integrated into the databases and systems that drive your business.

Online Image Hosting

Converting your paper records to digital images opens a world of possibilities for your business. Our online image hosting solution enables your documents to be easily stored, organized, retrieved and distributed without straining your IT resources or staff. After scanning and indexing your documents, we add them to your image hosting account where they can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world and easily integrated into your workflow processes in real-time. Total Records online image hosting service provides a secure, maintenance-free solution for storing and managing your digital images.

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